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Some of my projects
(My hobby? Why my hobby is collecting hobbies!)


Wetsuit hanger -- Hangin' Shorty with Farmer John and the Jackets. -- No text really needed, so ignore the typos and badly grammer.

GloBalls2 1st draft of the updated GlowBalls published here in 2003. Maybe I'll edit to at least fix the spelling, but probably not.

2015 Camaro Phantom Cop eliminator eliminate the flashing cop lights behind you - or, the one thing I hate about my new Camaro

3D printer As usual posted somewhere between outline and 1st draft.

Larson Scanner

Installing a fake wood floor -Just Pics

DIY Robot base

Wise Guys need camels

Table re-build

Build a Christmas Ornament - glowballs

Ford Taurus X Weatherstripping glue job - Mostly just a rant about pathetic Ford workmanship

Cleaning up Christmas Lights

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