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Yet Another 3D printer from Scrap


I ran across this excellent version of a 3D printer. The comments make up the bulk of the instruction, but it is an excellent starting point. besides I had almost all the parts from old junk sitting around, and from my 1st attempt at a 3D printer back in the mid to late 90's. A 3D printer looks a lot easier to complete now with all these high falutin' chips and boards.

2-3-15 post End of Version 2 - Start Version 3

1-29-15 post Pictures of mounting Y and Z axis and Mounting the Hot end

1-16-15 post Most motors spin, extruder feeder woes, Frame started

1-5-15 post more testing motors

12-30-14 post In the beginning ---- Obtaining parts, 1st Motor test


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