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Hangin' Shorty
DIY Hanger for Wetsuit Shorty and Full

Ok, this one is so simple, you got it in the first picture or two. I gave you four so everyone could see my long time favorite shirt. this is the trird iteration of the Wetsuit hanger. The Jacket Hanger worked OK, and The Farmer John hanger is great for hanging a Farmer John, but not for other parts of a Wetsuit.

Tools and Materials I used:
2" PVC Conduit 45 Degree Sweeps-------Graybar-- $ 1.43 each
2" PVC Conduit Connector-----------------Graybar-- $ 0.40 each
Coated Wall hook---------------------------Had one, I think it came from Harbor Freight

Power Drill
¼" drill bit



Finished Hanger

Hang Shorty


Full suit hanging on other hanger



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