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DIY Hanger for Farmer John Wetsuit

Every owner of a pair of Farmer John wetsuit pants needs a way to hang them for drying / storeing them. You can buy hangers, but this DIY model is quick and easy. I saw something like this once on the interwebs. I couldn't seem to find the link right when I needed it. Then again this project is simple enough to derive a new plan when needed.

Once I had an idea of whe I needed, I looked arround my pile of......let's call it gently used building materials. I found a storage hook, and a 8" piece of 2"x2" wood (probably left over from the Vampire hunting days).
All of the PVC pipe I had was 3/4" or 1" and I was concerned that it would make for sharp bends in the wetsuit. For a Farmer John it may have been OK, but who passes up a reason to go to the big box store?

Tools and Materials I used:
2" Conduit----------------------Home Depot $7.89 for 10'
2" PVC caps--------------------Home Depot $1.51 each
Coated Wall hook--------------Had one, I think it came from Harbor Freight
2"x2"x8" piece of wood-------I think it was a garden stake

Chop Saw
Power Drill
¼" drill bit
Tape measurer
Sharpie Pen

I measured across the shoulder straps of the Farmer John and decided a 20" bar would be sufficient to hang the pants from and still leave plenty of room for the smooth endcaps to slide over the tube. I decided to go with 2" diameter PVS as it is waterproof and a large enough diameter that it shouldn't leave a crease in the Neoprene where it is hanging from.
since I didn't have any 2" PVC in my shop, I selected PVC conduit rather than plumbing pipe as it was about $2 cheaper for a 10' stick and I was more likely to use the leftover elsewhere. I brought it over to the chopsaw and took 20" off of the stick for use.

Since I had some concerns about the lag threads of the hook getting a sufficient grip in the thin wall conduit. I found a piece of 2X2 that fit snuggly inside to use as a back plate. I think this made the assembly a lot stronger.



Marked the center and drilled a ¼" pilot hole for the hanger.



Screwed the hook in.


Pushed the endcaps into place. Finished a Farmer John hanger that won't leave a crease in my wetsuit!



Ready to hang to dry or store.





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