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New Toy Panic!!

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2015 Camaro

New toy, run it up through the gears, try a lane switch or two, Keep it legal on the public road, but push the edge a little to enjoy those new tires. Then you see the flashing red and blues. Did you push too far? Is it because you don't have tags yet? With great dejection you pull it on over. It is then that you discover that you have been busted by the phantom squad. What you saw was is just a 'feature' of your new car. The lights are embedded behind the glass in your rearview mirror, and the flashing is an effect of the rattling of the mirror when the stock radio is turned on.
Who was the rocket surgon of an engineer who thought this would be a good idea?


Red and Blue LEDs Embeded in mirror


A secondary issue with this 'feature' is everytime the mirror is adjusted, a disembodied voice asks "what do you want" or " state the nature of your emergency" or something like that. This thing can't be turned off and it follows the car whever it goes.

What can be done?:
For my copy of this car, I tried asking that the satellite spy thing not be turned on. That did not work for me, your milage may vary (though probably not).
The dealer should be able to tighten up the mirror. Steady lights are better than flashing. The mirror also makes headlights behind you blur oculting their distance behind you. I plan to ask when I bring mine in for service. Check this before buying one for yourself.
To hide the spooky lights, TAPE. A simple piece of electrical tape will hide the lights. of course it needs to look good so:

Measure carefully:

measuring LEDs in morror

Put a piece of Electrical tape on a piece of waxed paper so you can peel it off later, Print a paper template from your measurments, scotch tape it over the electrical tape, and cut around the edge of the template.

template -  tape - wased paper stack

Peel off the template and wax paper, carefully apply over the lighted area of the mirror.

tape hides lights from view

Here is a link to the template I used to cover the lights for a 2015 Camaro LS2. I would not be suprised if the same mirror was used in other vehicles.
No, It did not fix the problem, but, outta sight, outta mind.


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