CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT - how to make your own
subtitle: Martha Stewert, eat your heart out

Here is an outdoor Christmas ornament that is easy to make and looks good. It is a three dimentional ball about one foot in diameter that lights up brightly.

Materials needed: 4 wire coat hangers, 1 string of 100 mini christmas lights, and a roll of tape (I found duct tape torn into 3/4" x 4" strips works best).


Take 4 wire coat hangers   Bend them into a circle
Tape all four hangers together turned 45 degrees apart.
Bend the hook part of the hanger to align all four individual hooks to make one heavy duty hook.
  Tape minilights to the wire frame. I found 3/4" x 4" strips of duct tape worked best.
Finished ornament is ready to hang and plug in.































last updated 12/09/03