One of the harder parts of using strings of lights to decorate for christmas is untangleing the lights that were not carefully put away the previous year.

Here is a helpful tip for storing and cleaning up strings of christmas lights that my wife heared from a co-worker.


String of minilights removed from tree.   Lay one end on an old magazine and roll magazine up.
String of Christmas lights   Light String across magazine
Lay the cord across the outside of the rolled up magazine.
  Start wrapping
Cord across outside of magazine   Start wrapping
Wrap, Wrap, Wrap
Keep wrapping   more wrapping
Wrap   As you approach the end of the string, slow wrapping to a stop.
wrapping christmas light   done wrapping christmas light
Plug ends together. (1 end inside roll,other end wrapped)   One string done!
plugging christmal light string ends togather   String of Christmas lights nicely stored










































last updated 7/15/09