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I would like to build a robotic base to push a snowplow, mow the lawn, and have an ability to mount other tools.

To test out a few ideas, I decided to build a cheap testbed to see what works as I envision, and what does not.

The development of the robot proceeds the posts by quite a bit. It could be that Webmaster is not my thing, but the files do eventually get posted. Version 1.0 was posted on Instructables, though it has improved since then.


Some progress has been made. I have cut a new version of deck3 top and bottom, as well as pulleys to spin the reel and cut bar of the mower. I have not assembled these yet, but I'll post any successes I achieve.

I did assemble the parts I cut for a new framework to hold the reel. I have added bearings to the design in hope of spinning the reel more easily. Since I have not tested using a real lawn yet, I do not know if this step is necessary. The general idea, and some of the cut files for the bearing block, came from the open source Makerbot Cupcake. The 3d printer may be the source of my future chassis and other robot parts. If I had broken down and bought one of their kits, I'd have finished it long ago, though I might not have thought to use their bearing block design on this project.

I added a picture album to the picture page depicting assembly of the bearing blocks. Maybe I'll even put captions on them some day!

I purchased my bearings from VBX Bearings. They are just standard skateboard bearings and were very inexpensive. I bought a 50 pack when I was building the Makerbot so I had a lot left over.

I finally received my prize as a winner in Instructables Robot Contest. It consisted of a Tee shirt, the book Making Things Move, 4 single use packs of Sugru, 5 stickers, and a sew on patch.
My son is wearing the shirt, the book is perfect for a mechanically inclined 13 - 14 year old (though I did gleen a few ideas from it), the I am anxious to try out the Sugru on something. Thanks Instructables and sponsors.

I got sidetracked by another contest on Instructables. Please VOTE FOR ME especially if you too are a procrastinator. The prize for this contest is a Scooba Robot from Irobot.

It's now time to try that new deck3 and pulleys. I'll let you know!




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