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I would like to build a robotic base to push a snowplow, lawn mower, and have the ability to mount other tools. To test out a few ideas, I decided to build a cheap testbed to see what works as I envision, and what does not.

The development of the robot proceeds the posts by quite a bit. It could be that webmaster is not my thing, but the files do eventually get posted. Version 1.0 was posted on Instructables, though it has improved since then.

I am working on adding a few pages (with shortcuts on the left) to make this site a little more useable.
Life is tough when you still hand code most of your website.

I have cut my latest files for the deck 1 (top and bottom) and the bottom of deck 2. It makes a tighter drivetrain sandwich now. Deck 2 (with the lawn mower) still needs some work. I'm anxious to get this mechanical stuff at the next plateau so I can work on electronics and programming. If anyone wants the new cut files before I get them posted, send me an email Plowboy att twichelDotCom and I'll sent you all my latest.

The older posts do have most of what I have done as well as the instructables entry, This bot did win something, but I don't know what yet.

If you do go to instructables, check out my new (I'm sidetracked easily) Instructable in fact if it is after May 15, 2011 Vote for me. The prize is a Scooba Robot from Irobot.

Well, I'm going to build some new pages and add links to this one.





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