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I would like to build an automated snowplow. To test out a few ideas, I decided to build a cheap base and see what works as I envision, and what does not.

The first post is here It has the why and how I started this project, and a few pics of the first version. I now have a new and improved version drawn, I just need some warmer temperatures to run my saw to see if the new files work.

uploaded a little more about assembling deck1 from the two layers here.

As winter transitions into spring, I find I would rather have a lawnmower than a snowplow. The 3-23-11 post has my 1st draft of one. I cut it and came up with a half dozen better plans. As well as a better fitting deck 1. I think I'll cut and test fit the better fitting deck1 on Wed the 13th.

Think Spring and swarms of inexpensive mower bots!!





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