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Kids Dinosaurs
kids dinosaur books
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Yellowstone County

small town - great name

I'm selling stuff on ebay! Check out the 1/24 scale doll cradle!

Yahoo calls this news! Thugs have shaken down kids who live in the projects for decades. They are a soft target.

a few photos have been added to the Yellowstone page

You may have noticed the dinosaur link on the left has been replaced with the Billings Gem and Mineral Club link. Check out our annual show May 17th and 18th at the Billings Hotel.

I had a busy weekend looking for White Sulphur Springs links, I came up with a new section for the White Sulphur page. Kinda a coast to coast White Sulphur tour.

More to the Lotto page! the Butterfinger Sweepstakes thing that Nestle has going on is examined. Sure this page is another first draft, but who has time to edit?

Collingwood Subdivision page has been started. I'd like to know more about the proposed RSID. It might be a good idea. I'll post what I find out here. If anyone uses it, I'll develop the web page some more, maybe make it so comments can be posted automatically.

Another page posted in its first draft! The Montana lottery! The Lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math. True of false?

There are now four links on the Kid's Dinos page. A large improvement over the one kewl link before. As always the White Sulphur page is always getting something added.

I got rid of the Flash buttons on the main page. They loaded too slow, and some guests could not see them. The old page with Flash is still available here.

I ran across a good halloween costume link. Wanna be a stormtrooper like in the movie? Better start now if you want to be finished by Oct. 31.

I am trying out a counter on this main to see how many millions of visitors come here. This is the free version. Anyone can click on the counter icon to see the web stats for this page. If it proves useful, I'll try tracking the White Sulphur page and the Twichel page. Take a look if you like, the button is on the left under Kids Dinos.

Two new links on the White Sulphur page. Some history of White Sulphur and the spa, as well as some Meagher County history from the political graveyard. check them out.

Added links for the Shell Wyoming Dinosaur track site, to the Dinosaur page

Today I began an update of the White Sulphur Springs Page.

A few new Photo links are on the White Sulphur Page. That's about it.

Be sure to check out the "make your own christmas ornament"page!

The Twichel's page is back!!! It's even more than just a test page! Not much more, but more than a test. There are are assorted links of interest to Twichels. Probably only of interest to Twichels, but hey, It's our site. Twichels page

Added a link to Barns and Nobel book 'Born to Be' by Taylor Gordon on the White Sulphur page

Cleaned up the front page a little. Looking for new content.

Just a simple photo to discribe what the essence of Yellowstone Park is to me. It sometimes seems forgotten in battels over who uses the park. Link on the Jellystone page.

Found some photos, I put the link on the White Sulphur page. I didn't see a link back to the site's main page, but the photos were there.

I have deleted my review of "The Partly Cloudy Patriot". If you misssed it, don't worry, there is a lot of comedy still out there on the web. I replaced it with a link to the book on where you can read a handful of quality reviews, without having to endure the words "commie pinko aftertaste". The link is on the Books page.

Today is snoop on your neighbor's real estate holdings day!! I sure hope It's not held by a corporation with a name you don't happen to know. Just select Meagher County, or other location and give the query a name to look up. Try your own name! Try that snooty neighbor's name! Wheeee!!! The link is on the White Sulphur page.

today I added a new Castle link on the White Sulphur page How dare that webmaster add a question mark after the words Sherman Castle!

Today let's preview the new look. Recent content additions include:
New White Sulphur links;
A story about Mike Grove.
Gold that is not in the bank.

A pathetic attempt to review "The Partly Cloudy Patriot" by Sarah Vowell, formerly of Bozeman.

 Born to Be
Born to Be
Taylor Gordon
The Partly Cloudy Patriot
The Partly Cloudy Patriot

Best of the Book Clubs

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