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There is talk of creating a RSID (Rural Special Improvement District) to maintain the Road through the Subdivision. I have heard there was not sufficient support to chip seal the road last year.

A brief description of what an RSID is can be found at the Yellowstone County Road and Bridge FAQ page.
They don't mention that the funds for the RSID come from an additional tax on the properties in the RSID.

Three questions come immediately to mind. How much? for how long?, and for what?.

Personally I'd like to see some form of traffic calming device on Downy Road. It would take broad support to implement any system to slow down traffic. If there were that much support, a RSID would not be needed to make it happen.

I'll try to get the complete text for the proposed RSID and put it on this web page. If you have any input you would like me to post here, email it to me. As long as the language is rated PG or better, I'll post it.


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