Yellowstone National Park
In Southern Montana, And Parts Of Wyoming And Idaho

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Canyon Falls Aug. '02    
Come, Climb, Uncle Tom's Trail 8/15/03    
The Bear Cave June 2006 at brink of the Upper Falls    
Skinny Mule Deer Uncle Tom's trail parking lot 8/15/03    
No Fishing Bridge 8/17/03    
Black Bear 6/25/06 by Roosevelt Lodge    
Grizzly Bear 6/25/06 in Haden Valley    
fountian Paint Pots

Fountian Paint Pots

June 2006

Old Faithful Geyser

Upper (old Faithful) Geyser Basin

Lots of geysers

White Cone Geyser

White Dome Geyser

August 5th, 2011

Mountian Sheep

Zoe's Yellowstone Pictures

Spring 2009

Vixen Geyser

August 7, 2011



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