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For the sake of getting this page started, I'll post what I've got.

BASE Links

The basic base was published on the instructables website. If you want to build this, feel free, but there are improved cut files. I'll post them when I do the cut files page. In the meantime, I'll email them to you if you would like.

supplemental pdf for deck1 this is a labled drawing of the (old cut files) for deck1. I wouldn't cut a chassis from it, but the mounting points are the same, and the layout is very similar.

improved bottom layer Deck2 This change of deck 2 has 2 more holes to clear the bolt heads of the bolts that hold the cutting deck together. The cut file is included with the cut deck cutting files, even though it is really part of the base.

Cutter Deck Links

Outline of Cutdeck Deck2 assembly I'm posting the first draft outline here. I'll flesh it out as I can.

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