Ya see, I have this friend... Maybe asking her sister for help won't be enough, so I'll ask the world. Does anyone have any Ideas to improve this situation?? The names have been censored, 'cause it seemed like a good idea.

Hi ******,
How does a person go about re-directing someone else's creative energy? I'm asking 'cause I'm kinda worried about your sister. Ya know what she's doing? Well as you know, **** lives at the end of a cul' de sac, and the houses are quite close together. Everyone of her neighbors has a lighted reindeer in their yard. **** could probably get her own lighted reindeer if she wanted, but noooooo, she is building a lighted deer hunter to stand in the grove of trees in her front yard.
Shall we gather the Whos to sing? That grew the Grinch's hart last time. Failing that, I think we at least need a lighted flower to stick down the gun barrel of her lighted hunter.
What do you think? Am I outa line here?


last updated 12/09/03